I get a late start (two weeks) on a jumping in on a project because I was assisting with production issues. The service is not running and basically nothing has been checked in. Mind you, we're not doing anything new.

"Senior" (while I'm trying to work on my part ) : Hey can you hurry up and finish your part? I'm thinking about coming up with a completely different way than what the group wants. (heard this several times)

Me : *finishs my part with coverage and gets the service up running and rating in a week because I'm avoiding code conflicts*

"Senior" : OK well nevermind what I said about coming up with a different strategy. I'll develop the last bit of the service since again everything has been laid out already on what to do.

Me : OK, I'll work on code coverage for the rest of the project and updating the code based on feedback from the other team members.

Me (a week later after hearing that he has moved on to another task) : Did you finish up that last bit?

"Senior" : Well I shifted focus working on feedback from the review. Feel free to finish that last bit I was supposed to work on because I don't know wtf I'm doing and I would rather ride your ass instead of attempting anything significant on my own.

Me: Heard.

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