Imma kill the next person who asks if they can “help” me or if I’m alright or ok

Since they never ask it in a way which is genuine or not related to the retarded shit all around me

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    ...... nope, not gonna do it!
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    Hey bro! You seem pissed.

    Are you alright? Can I help you, please let me know?
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    @killames Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
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    I cannot help you, if that makes you feel relieved.
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    @vintprox depends do you mean help or “help”

    And then it depends on the nature of “help” which kind of “help”. If “help” means sucking a dick pro Bono then yay ! If “help” means doing something that seems like help but will cause me more annoyance or trouble than no thanks lol
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    You seem alright. You can handle your shit.

    Don’t kill a me, please.
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    @JASE and ? I vaguely remember being innocently social back in the day which even the ugliest troglodyte associated with fucked up things
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    @JASE Eh ?
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    Oh 40 bucks oh 40 bucks
    I made you before
    Oh 40 bucks oh 40 bucks
    Then I sat behind a whore
    She used to be so young and free
    And oh lacking decency
    Oh 40 bucks oh 40 bucks
    And now she’s a tasty milf
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    The sexy evil spider
    Swallowed my thick spout
    Down came the pain
    As I dashed it’s friends brains on out

    Up came the chug
    As I spurted my seed in
    And then I chained the spider
    On the wall again
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    Treadmills with handcuffs and welded steel handholds lol
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    @molaram yes
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