Holy shit Docker. I can’t believe you just did that. I guess it’s time I finally learn PodMan.

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    “Commercial use of Docker Desktop in larger enterprises (more than 250 employees OR more than $10 million USD in annual revenue) requires a Docker Pro, Team or Business subscription for as little as $5 per user per month.”
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    Just don't tell anyone that you are using docker ;)
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    Not a fan of these switcheroo tactics, but I feel like asking for $5/user/month from a multimillion dollar company for a piece of software is...pretty reasonable?
    I mean, compared to other "enterprise" offerings, at least
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    @Ezard it’s not about the money, it’s about the bait and switch tactics. I find it a cheap shot to make money by a company that’s given us this product for free
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    Yeah, it is pretty shady.

    "Hey, come into our wonderful ecosystem of containers, images and mounts! Spend some time learning and setting up - it's worth it! Your life will get easier."

    Three minutes later.. /french_accent

    "Oh and by the way, the free stuff is not free anymore, so since your company (like any company other than software development houses) won't buy subscriptions for things they don't understand, all that wonderful time has gone to waste! ^__^"

    Well done.

    Ahh fuck it, I was gonna setup the NGINX stack anyway. Bye forever docker. <3
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    Ah, the true cost of free
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    I think its very good to take just money from the big and give it for free to the little.
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    Just use linux. Its version looks like remaining free
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    Pretty much why I ditched Docker. Plus Podman commands are the same as docker. Some users alias podman with docker.

    Taken from: https://mkdev.me/en/posts/...
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    @fruitfcker do you use Mac? PodMan doesn’t run on Mac natively, right? It needs a Linux host ?
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    K8s ditched docker in favour of containerd
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    Though the move is questionable at best, the "Personal" license is free for

    - personal use
    - research
    - education
    - open source communities
    - commercial use up to 250 employees or $10M revenue

    That doesn't sound too bad, right? Again, not a fan of the move itself but the free license is still really permissive.
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    @Lucky-Loek yes… but I’m in the commercial sector and now have to implement business policy around licensing or asking all devs to cease use 😢. Not what I wanted to do with my week.
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    @devphobe right. Only the client runs natively. You'll need a VM or another non-MacOS machine that supports Docker.
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