You will need to write a paragraph of text, approximately 100 words long.

In order to manage your work more effectively, you must split the paragraph into sentences and each one of you should write one.

Make sure you don't clash with each other, the text is meaningful and it flows nicely.

You have one month: you should meet at least twice a week to discuss how to go about the tasks, review your work and plan ahead.

We will be checking on your progress on a weekly basis.

Most importantly, do not just wait until the last minute and have one person do all the work: that's just silly.

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    What? My university is so hands off.
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    @iam13islucky It is somewhat hands on, but the extent of the work is so little that there is no point in having 6 people do it...
    The overhead of team management and version control is larger than the actual amount of work.
    Not to mention the clashes you have when everybody is working on the same 3 files...
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    Or when projects are to write a book and yet someone finds himself alone in the battleground a week before the deadline
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    It sucks that working in groups is what programmers do in the real world, but it is so hard to pull of in school because of time constraints.
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    In hindsight though you don't just have 4 devs building something, you might also have a BA, scrum master, task tracking system, requirements, testers (preferably automated).

    That would actually be a useful real world scenario to run in university...
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    Most of the management was still overkill in our school, but they requested a system running on like 8 things. They were like here is a database dump and 2 apillication sources(1 c#, 1 java) Set up an sql DB, make a communication management app for the DB, write net code for the 2 existing apps to use with the new app. If you have time to spare, we would like 2 more apps that work off of the same database but do different stuff with the data.

    It was just reasonable to apply scrum though youd jump through meetings quite fast and just get to coding. Each had their own tasks. Seldom conflicts. It almost felt like a real task besides all the idiotic requirements obviously made to stress test and such to make assesment of the result easy.
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    How the fuck did you manage to write something so relatable to me? Are you from my uni or what? Go, take my ++
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