Motorcycle owners, riders, I need your advice.

I have my licence for quite a few years now, yet I do not own a steel horse. I keep borrowing one [ninja 650 2010] occasionally for a ~100km ride from someone, 2-4 times per season.

A few weeks ago I did a 1k km mototrip around the country. Gotta say, I loved it! Ever since I cannot stop day dreaming about my own bike.

I'm not an aggressive rider. I like it smooth, steady, comfortable, but with some proper kick occasionally. I'd be riding in a city and taking longer trips [500+km], preferrably with a passenger.

Cruisers are awfully large, city bikes look boring, choppers are loud. Supersports - not my cup of joe. I think I'm settling for the sport-touring class.

Since I don't have lots of xp, it's likely I'll fall, so new and shiny or expensive toys will have to wait.

I feel like falling in love with vfr800 late gen6 [2007-'09], with fine-tuned vtec. I love all the feedback about the steadiness, comfort and power. And it does look cool!

What are your opinions about the vfr? What are the drawbacks?

What other bikes should I look at, that would have similar specs to vfr?

Also, when is it better to buy one? At the end of the season or at the beginning [spring/autumn]?

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    If you’re looking for longer rides, definitely prioritize comfort. Your ass will definitely start to hurt otherwise.

    You’ll probably get the best deal in late fall, people have had their fun just looking to get rid of their stuff. If you’re mechanically inclined at all you can probably get something pretty cheap that just needs to basic tlc and it’d be a great machine again.
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