I think they were referring to you people when they dreamed up the borg

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    We are the borg, you will be assimilated.
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    Exactly into a neural nightmare of endless pointless repetition that is the goal not the side effect
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    What do you mean "you people" ? You're here too...
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    @Hazarth I can always tell im hitting on the truth when someone starts downvoting lol yeah I am because I don’t know what else to do to stimulate my mind atm since I’ve done literally everything I can go get on with life
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    @killames get a hobby then
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    @Hazarth wish they could experience what I’m experiencing from our point of view
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    @killames You should actually seek professional help
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    @12bitfloat oh yea but not for any of the lies you people tell
    For the effects of the lies you people tell and the effects being beaten like a dog assaulted kept awake for weeks with next to no sleep having years of my photos and videos stolen by scum who just want to control what people see and seeing people die be crippled and mutilated in front of me and being Set up and betrayed by literally everyone who should have helped me escape these things and hunt the bad guy or vindicate me.

    You’re goddamn right I should seek help
    For these things
    That I function at all is a goddamn miracle
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    All I’ve wanted to do now forever is live my life
    Work and dream and be happy like I used to be before you people darkened my doorstep and dragged me into a word of pointless violence and deparavity and deceit and exposed me to people who barely meet the criteria for human
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    and worst yet these people you people are both traffickers and trafficked simultaneously and have zero love or pity for anyone

    You all make trouble for no reason whatsoever and are the source of laws and policy that embitters life with undue expectations that unreasonable for personal behavior
    And you’re baby touchers to boot most of the time

    How many times did you arrange back in the day for highly suggestive scenarios showing off your abuse to be encountered to dredge up the feelings of helplenessness and icky fucked up feelings
    Of disbelief and disgust and core driven repulsion just so you people could feel you were getting away with something and the good guy was defeated and degraded at the sight of your disgusting shit ?

    Well guess what not all of you fucks faired well
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    @killames sooo it's like, if Im reading this right, it's everyone else's fault you entered a forum of lies and deceit and choose not to leave?
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    You powerless stupid motherfucks
    Every moment you fucks keep breathing you should Thank me for allowing it !
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    @C0D4 no it’s your fault for taking it over in the first place but this is nothing
    This is just a place where you people
    Copy people who are normal or were and try to mod shot to your weird bragging rights shit

    I may as well have walked into one of your shopping malls

    No it’s your associates peoples fault for not letting a good man live and fucking the country and see above
    And now you’re all looping like broken records as well
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    @C0D4 and last I checked you can’t kill people online and make someone witness it
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    @C0D4 it’s ok though in between amnesia bouts I probably fucked your mother and adult sisters like little whores :) I also probably tossed a whole bunch of you in jail where your dirty sheriffs could have you

    And since you people don’t understand English

    I mean I had a bunch of dirty chomos tossed in jail with their own dirty sheriffs
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    @killames 👀I think you're doing it wrong somehow.

    @killames like all social constructs, someone must be at the top of the pyramid.

    You fucked my mother?
    Was the grave still warm at least, it's be a shame to fuck a cold body I guess,
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    @C0D4 yea and if you’re going to send in some whore in white she better not be working for kiddy shit you people give her and she better make it easy

    I spit On your veiled trauma waiting to happen.
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    @C0D4 and wtf are you talking about ? Social constructs ? I’m telling you in a nutshell what happened to me and agreeing I need prolonged peace where life has a point again and maybe someone to talk to who won’t try to roleplay dr death or Hannibal lecter
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    @C0D4 and here is a fun one
    Every time you talk to one of us you could trip us at the wrong moment

    Imagine going to blow someone around a corner and halfway through they put a knife to your throat handcuff you and carve your face up for your paltry offer of false contrition wherein all you offer is more trauma along with some shitty head and it’s finally grown. Too much for them

    Or maybe one of us remembers what you did to them and we turn around and knife our rapist randomly as they walk through the same region

    Maybe we take the 1000a of dollars we earn along with everyone else and all the spare time and buy a container of lighter fluid and douse one of you head to toe on the back of your coat quietly and fling a lit match at you and then empty the rest of the bottle in a steady spray immolating our kiddy rapist and flash cooking them

    Instead you people lie and cover things up and dance around in front of us sporting trained catamites and offering us whores
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    Which were the catamites all grown up and queered into being the monsters that made them !
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    And this to you passes as a good idea ?
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    @killames tell me what you really think. Let it out buddy!
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    But that’s ok I’ll walk by and smile at you and avoid the occasional Roid head you send to antagonize me and when I finally can’t take it anymore I’ll have a very happy day and then your people will move to cover it up and give me a vacation
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    @C0D4 i think you’re a homosexual whore that no one wants anymore
    A big likely ugly daddies boy who’s father or owner raped him in the face and taught him to either like it or feel like doing the same thing to another person one day was normal

    Who after reaching teenage age realized how bad they’d been ducked over but by then were experiencing sick urges which their fuck father provided a means of attaining and then tag teamed his faggot son with his buddies to scare the shit out of basically hating and hurting himself when he was young instead of hating and hurting his victimizer

    I think you worked for years laboring yo deceive and create a system which allowed you to have the only thing that mattered to you anymore and we’re tricked into doing the same things thinking it would be a short term time investment and we’re mean spirited and cruel in your heart and causes trouble for a lot of people just like me and in the end your old and trapped
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    @C0D4 that’s what I really think
    That you’re going to die being an animatronic dummy and you’re dragging me through the same shit along with your pals because unlike the former generation none of you are really free and you’re around in abundance in our trash choked country and slowly becoming world
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    @C0D4 I think you inprisoned yourselves for life trying to cover up being fucked up chomos and trying to imprison is mentally and this fell prey to a smarter group of perverts who’s introduction was layered from whoever is actually running all this who told you just what they told us at first anything you wanted to hear and adding half truths to describe an ambiguous set of outward things and their appearance to manipulate you mentally and emotionally into something you can’t get out of before finally telling the truth
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    @killames I've got to say, that wasn't what I was expecting then, but I'm glad you got that off your chest.

    So, what's new?
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    @C0D4 and I think most of all you people created some retardedbsubculture with a bunch of stupid catch phrases like the one you just used to pretend you still have power while someone is engaging say in an inevitability like calling you on your bill shut which you as a queer maybe took some pleasure as projecting additional nonexistent traits onto a situation where likely the adult version might severely hurt you if they thought you were getting off being told off
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    @C0D4 and now you’re belittling what you just read trying to be insulting and getting a lick in
    That doesn’t work on someone used to you

    But I might give in and fuck This actually attractive white female Serving coffee nearby and turn this around on you

    It’s always a thought
    Best she be used soon before she ends up old and ugly and unwanted like you
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    @C0D4 but hey last time we did this I showed self restraint and likely will this time

    Not to disappoint your further lol
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    @killames afraid not, I've read everything so far, and although your far from the mark on a lot of your assumptions, I'm still here reading and taking a peak at that mind you hide away. It's an interesting thing hiding behind a mask of hurt and deflecting upon others.

    But hey, I'm not here to judge, and there's no intention of belittling right now, just a passer by giving a fella a chance to vent some steam.
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    @C0D4 that’s what you people do
    Stop deflecting your truth onto your victims

    Baby raper
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    @killames is it though? I'd agree there's a lot of insane shit in the world, but that apple didn't fall from this tree.
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    @C0D4 and no you’re not here anymore we already did this last time remember ? And you did exactly what was expected
    At the end of the string of likely right on truths you denied everything and tried to ham handedly redirect things on me
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    @killames I don't recall sticking around this long with you before, do I need to go dig up a rant?
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    @C0D4 it’s likely why you people get so static

    You have prebuilt series of denials and responses which patterns you like resource searching patterns me

    And none Of you are really worth what it takes to bed you even if it’s not money or whatever else you want

    Your core shit nature is creepy and unappealing being turned on half the time by abuse
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    @C0D4 yeh dig up this one if you archived it from last time
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    @killames 🤷‍♂️you can lash out all you want. I'm not even trying to see what makes you tick anymore, it's like reading a book except, there's always a twist on the next page.

    Was that on this account? I've gone through all your rants and couldn't find it anything obvious.
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    @C0D4 I don’t think that was ever any of your intents

    Your intent was to take over a platform a little at a time and get straight people to type things in your people could nod a little and impersonate

    Honestly your regard tendency to hide gibberish numerical crap seems like old men in high pants who are bored
    And. NEver lived you know that that right ?
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    @killames sorry, theNSA doesn't give us a good battery pack, needed to recharge overnight.

    Old man pants, take over society, bored out of my cyborg brain, I think your on to something here.
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    @C0D4 did I ever tell you I visited their headquarters before and after the first trump admin ?
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