Next major version of spring will require Java 17.

Bloody finally. Hope this gives corporations the kick up the behind they need to move beyond 8.

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    Java 17 will mark the end of Java 8.

    Many larger products, e.g. Elastic, are shipping with current JDK for a reason.

    I really don't think that JDK 8 compatibility is a viable path with JDK 17.

    JDK 11 support is a burden already.

    In our company we still have JDK 8 projects - I think they will be migrated soon as the library support will die, and as soon as the first red light pops up in not more maintained, I'll pull the plug.
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    Lots of migrations coming up then!

    Once ignored can't be ignored forever
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    I am happy that the team I am working in actually cares about versions and keeping them up to date :)
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    Just imagine the number of projects that won't make the upgrade. Due to compatibility or time required to make the port or any other reason.

    Just imagine the number of legacy projects that are to be born now.

    Just imagine the number of devs that will be stuck with legacy projects for ages.

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    @netikras thankfully scala has all the features of j17 and then some, and compiles to j8
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    @netikras Tbh, I'd say anyone still on 8 is basically legacy at this point anyway. All this means is those projects will also be stuck on spring 5, and I don't see that as a big loss. Most people unwilling to upgrade from 8 aren't going to be willing to upgrade a frameworks major version anyway.
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    The trouble with JDK 8 is fundamental.

    G1GC missing (no... G1GC in JDK 8 and 11 are completely different things)

    Missing default asynchronous HTTP library (JDK 11)

    TLS 1.3 by default

    Crypto algorithms which are safe and modern...

    Not to mention the tons of internal improvements and the - surprising - support of HW accelerated vectors (JDK 16) ....

    JDK 8 really is out of date. Though a lot of stuff got backported :)
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