public function index(Request $request): array
$parameters = json_decode($request->get('lazyEvent'), true);

if (isset($parameters['page'])) {
$page = $parameters['page'];
} else {
$page = 0;

$queryBuilder = DB::table('companies')
->leftJoin('company_contact', 'company_contact.company_id', '=', 'companies.id')

if (isset($parameters['filters']['name'])) {
->where('name', 'like', '%' . $parameters['filters']['name']['value'] . '%')

$total = $queryBuilder

$companies = $queryBuilder
->select('companies.id', 'name', 'email', 'phone', DB::raw("COUNT('company_contact.id') AS contact_count"))
->offset($page * $parameters['rows'])

return ['companies' => $companies, 'totalRecords' => $total];

what is this shit? I get $total 1 when in reality is $companies count is 51

I am thinking avout writing whole sql as raw because I cannto get fucking count correctly

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    oh actually fucking raw sql gives 51 grouped rows with count 1

    so thats why it is
    select count(*)

    from `companies`
    left join `company_contact` on `company_contact`.`company_id` = `companies`.`id`
    group by `companies`.`id`
    order by `name` asc

    so only subquery and count(*) will give me correct count?
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    yes with damn subquery I made it work.
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    ?? instead of isset
    DTO instead of arrays

    Why do you not just count the companies? You're already fetching all results, so the necessity of an SQL query isn't given.
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    What an horrible way to use eloquent (I guess it's laravel)

    Also the guy above is right
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    Ugh, uninvited code right in my face.
    Can’t you see I’m on vacation? ☹️
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    I will never understand why people build queries like this.

    It's an unmaintainable, illegible mess.
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    This is a server-side query for that abominable jquery datatables library isn't it? I recognize that asinine way of tracking filters.
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    I was bored. Here's a more SQL-like syntax.

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    Is this your brain on PHP?
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    I see this and the first thought that comes to my head is.

    Why doesn't devrant support markdown????
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    @galileopy Probably to avoid people using devrant as a discount 'fix-my-code' stackoverflow. It's not like it's stopping some third-world country companies from using the platform to post job advertisements.

    ...could also just be laziness.
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    @IntrusionCM phpstorm suggested ?? instead of isset but I disabled this suggestion, for me isset is more readable. No need to think what isset means. Everytime I read ??, I need to think what does it mean or even google.
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    @IntrusionCM why DTO instead of arrays? you mean create new class? Too much work I think.
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    @IntrusionCM I am not fetching all companies, I am only fetching one page of companies.
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    @Lyniven can you suggest something better beside what guy above suggested?
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    @Lyniven what I am only thinking to refactor is to move eloquent code to repository class.
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    @C0D4 how do you suggest to build?
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    @nitnip I think your query count() call would only return count of items in one page. But interesting syntax ->when() , havent seen such.
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    @SuaveSteve it is my brain who created this code :)
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    @galileopy code highlighting really would help. And I see at the same time you can rant and get help, not like on stackoverflow - they downvote if they think its a rant, so this would be very beneficial.

    How to contact devrant.com owners to suggest this feature? I can't see contacts.
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