There are no single parents
There are just you fucked up creatures


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    In a capitalistic society this was expectable.
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    @stop on another note I hate unrefined capitalism
    It sponsors slavery just as much as feudalism does
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    Didn't the lord and saviour, the one holy messiah, trump, say cnn was fake news?
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    @killames capitalism is made to make slaves. It is not applicable to humans
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    @stop shut up commie.
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    @iiii course it is it works off our central chatacterosyic of self concern fueled by survival anxiety when in competition

    But refined capitalism would eliminate the survival anxiety and leave desire for stimulation
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    i never understood why people from the usa say that any person who wants to etablish some sort of social security is called communist.
    Especially in a country that can afford it.
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    @stop one word: brainwashing
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    @stop we don’t all say that
    That polarized debate is meant to keep us busy
    The major contenders are the equivalent of intelligence actors
    If we’re kept infighting nothing changes and we get steered away from all important issues while another group is kept dependent on a shadow system and corrupted away from morality to retain their holdings which are kept bare edge

    Our two major political parties are literal jokes which keep us divided and never accomplish anything useful they just delay and engage in sophisms and manipulation partly because they have been infiltrated by power hungry sadists
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    @stop no hear we argue about rich peoples rights and nonsensical ideas regarding them having more money being a good thing

    And the sensitivities of people and economic implications that would allow us to disarm them by simply passing bills that help foster a better universal baseline standard of living

    But said cronies and thralls and slaves are convinced they need the contention because they don’t form personal relationships which would cause this anyway and be far more felt
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    @iiii do they weaponize poverty in Detroit ?
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    @killames what the fuck are you talking about? I could not care less about rotten murica.
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    @iiii that was a pretty strong response
    *russian accent* this is how we do justice in mother Michigan
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    @iiii bet you want to be my pet you little bitch don’t you ?
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    @killames it's just Americans tend to overblow their domestic issues as if those are international.
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    @iiii compared to Europe we have the largest population and so are the largest consumer

    Internationally our well being does effect those of smaller countries with limited economic pull to some degree

    The recession of 2008 was felt abroad supposedly
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    @stop i am not from usa, every sane person should hate communists
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    @killames now say something about population and importance of problems to India and China.
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    @iiii yes but they’re historically the bitch of Europe lol
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