I used to think I was the kind of programmer that was good with people. That somehow I was special because I could get on with colleagues and make clients happy.

But fuck people. It’s so easy to be nice, just don’t be not nice. Don’t say rude things and be surprised when I’ve had enough.

For some reason my latest colleagues think it’s too confrontational to talk to each other and instead give management anonymous feedback on who they don’t get on with. Which obviously gets fed back to everyone immediately.

I’m done putting on a smile. Elegant code speaks for itself. I’m getting a PA to talk to people from now on because fuck this.

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    Yes. I generally try to be nice, I've had people give me shit for being "too nice", and I've had people try to take advantage. Turns out, I can be a total asshole. I just choose not to be.
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    @rutee07 I hadn't noticed, but that's awesome 😂
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    Backstabbers deserve front stabbing
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    The best talk is the pull request review comments. That’s all.
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    @IntrusionCM I lol'd. Such an inside joke that wouldn't quite grasp in other settings.
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