Why the heck are we drawed with ties? We are literally the most informal dressed workers, aren't we?

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    They tried to dignify our Role in the Society
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    The people don't represent normal people or prograMers, only the numbering does.
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    There's no keg in this picture, and nobody's kegstanding it. I call shenanigans.

    Only reason I'd wear a tie is for a party.
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    @electrineer I even object to the nummering. We also come first not zeroed; not an index.
    1, 10, 11 would be funnier in my opinion instead of the same stupid joke recycled.
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    Only time I wore a tie was to a funeral and some birthday parties.

    But yeah, coding and dressing up properly? Naw.
    Since it's relatively warm at the moment, I tend to code outside with fucking swimming trousers on and a cocktail. And every 15 minutes I go for a quick swim.
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