why would you have 3 people interviewing a candidate if you all are gonna talk half as much as a normal person

It's just awkward to be there

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    ... because they're going to listen three times as much as a normal person? Has it passed through your mind that it might not be a singular decision and that if only a single person was interviewing you, they might only be able to pass on their subjective impressions of you?
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    @kamen i didn't meant why send 3 people for 1 interview in general, but why do it if every of them will struggle to say anything while the 2 others are looking like the living embodiment of the phrase "existence is pain"

    If one will actively talk and uphold the role of the interviewer while the other 2 are doing what you have said, listen carefully, then yeah, all cool

    But if none of them seem to want to be there, not even mentioning asking a question or at least thinking about a question so there will not be a lot of awkward pauses before and after every question, then what's the purpose? To collectively waste the time and money of the company?
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