Bloody superglue. Every time I think I'm remotely skilled enouh to make a "quick repair" using the stuff, it always goes beyond horribly wrong and ends up with blobs of superglue all over the desk, one hand stuck to the thing I'm meant to be repairing, and the other stuck to some random nearby object. Dahh. Seems so simple.

I'm sure there's a dev analogy there with your least favourite language too.

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    Pro tip: don't use the thin one, use the thicker gel version. Or even better in most cases, use Pattex Extreme Repair because that also stays a bit flexible.
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    @Fast-Nop Yeah, I should. But I never do, I always think "ah the thin cheap stuff will do" then it's way too late 😅
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    Maybe try some 2-part epoxy
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    @electrineer Don't have the patience 😅
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    C==Super glue!
    Both seem easy to use, clear instructions. Powerful stuff. Yet far too easy to get into a sticky situation.

    Use newspaper and gloves next time, and don't touch your face 😉
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