The Dev life is not for me.
I need to figure out exactly what it is I want to do.

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    Usually we know better what we don't want than what we want.
    Maybe make a list of things you don't want to do anymore. That's your criteria list for your search for your new way. Best of luck 😊
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    Move on to teach others. Always rewarding.
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    Take a few months off, if your finances permit it. I actually save up so that I can do this when it gets too much, because I absolutely love it, it's just that you can overdo it and it starts to become harmful. Like crack.
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    Welcome to the club
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    @Sam963 I meant within the dev organization. If you're sick of just writing code day in and day out maybe see if there is an opportunity to be a mentor to others. While still writing some code of course, or else you'll be outdated before the end of the week.
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    @heyheni will need to swich to using that list on things that may seem interesting though. There are too many careers to make an exhausting exclusive list so only one remains.
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    Give me your job and we can bang high class escorts together on my dime lol that’s something worth doing lol
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    Tomato farming is a pretty nice btw
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    I wish I could go run a strip club. sigh.

    doesn't have to be a huge place, but maybe somewhere next to a college or something within like 5 miles or so where I could steal their free money with their classmates and be surrounded by their naked classmates.

    And then there would be the private liasons they would pay for via my private diner next door lmao
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