How come, that devs likes crapple products while sysadmins hate them?

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    Most devs don't like them either.
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    I'm a dev. I hate all crapple devices
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    i thought it was the other way around as the hardware holds for longer.
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    Because some people require to be told what to do and can only follow their own little workflow, which instantly grinds to a standstill just because after an update instead of the Big Blue Button, which, they happily had to keep repeatedly pressing all day long.... now there are three Little Red Buttons to press.

    Sys. Admins, on the other hand, always need no less than 40 buttons layered in 6 different areas while the whole damn thing is spinning at 30 rpm.
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    @heyheni Apple hardware is not only expensive, but oftentimes also badly engineered, and then their customer service sucks, too: https://youtube.com/watch/...

    To top it off, these fucktards also lobby against the right to repair. Apple is a scumbag company with overpriced junk products.
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    @Fast-Nop When you hit the rock bottom of the apple world, you would even be glad to switch back / to the microsoft Windows clusterfuck hell, without a second thought. Just because of how shit it is, it would make windows look like a 5 star upgrade.

    And dont get me started on their outdated hardware, that magically breaks after the warranty has ran out, by a couple of weeks or months.
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    I like how, when forced to use a Macbook, it feels like a mixture of "did I actually press anything?" and "is this about to break?".
    Something people are apparently ok shelling out 2 grand for.
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    iPhone: I really love the camera and some of its features, and I like some of the UI. And the physical mute switch. And how fast it turns off.

    MacBook: I like the virtual desktop UX. It’s pretty well done.

    MacBook Air: it’s so light!

    Apple: I like that Apple pretends to care about privacy, and kinda sorta educates people about it by making themselves look more privacy focused and how they do it better.

    Apart from these… I really dislike basically everything else about both Apple and their devices.
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    Sounds like a small sample size, I haven't seen any such trend. Both seem to hate/like them about equally.

    @Root this, pretty much, plus the M1 Air's battery life and performance.
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    Apple broke a lot of stuff in a lot of non funny ways.

    Not to mention the security desasters.

    Plus it's a vendor lock in - hardware support might be easier, but good luck trying to find solutions that do not work solemnly with Apple.

    If you had to maintain solutions squared two because of vendor lock ins, you definitely look at other solutions... Makes no fun to do the same crap twice.
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