How long do your tests take to run?

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    My normal:
    Like 0.01 - 0.5 seconds each, depending on object creation.

    My coworkers’ normal:
    2-18 seconds each, depending on how bad they screwed up / triplicated object creation.

    The entire test suite at work:
    4+ days on an i9 MacBook Pro, or 1.5 hours on a large EC2 instance (with specs running massively parallel)
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    Typically around 10-20 seconds each.
    There's a lot of mock data most of the time to be created.

    Around 2 hours to get through then all as they have to run synchronously 😕

    I do enjoy getting to the end and having a failure appear 😵‍💫🔫
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    However long I spend in the lab
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    Tests? What are these test? Our company don't do those. Well we have like five automatic tests that check that the product doesn't crash on startup. And then like three physical testers that are supposed to verify every buggfix and new releases. They are perhaps lke 8months behind on testing so we are basicly just sending untested releases.

    But we are operating a quality first buisness according to our website
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    It depends.
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    About 20 seconds for all Unit tests per project so far.
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    0 seconds. I don't write tests.
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    I type 'make' and it all goes downhill from there
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    5 mins.

    I work on a big site, with mocha end-to-end tests and as they run they do several thousand checks (but many are just done by looping through different options and checking the same thing still works )

    But it doesn't matter much cause we rarely run the entire suite locally, we mostly just run them on a Buildserver when a PR is updated.
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