I've been instructed to learn and create proof of concepts on a machine:
- Isolated from everyone at a different physical location
- Without admin rights
- With nothing that I need installed
- With no Internet connection


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    Proof of concept of what?
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    Did they give you a box and some duct tape?
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    Pen and paper. Lel
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    @isRantOverflow I prefer messenger pigeons. They're better than some coders
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    @codeBoy .NET Core things, show what things are available and what aren't and how to implement them. Very very little direction is given.
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    @ingenioushax They might as well have
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    @matsaki95 I'm new to the team and waiting on access rights to come through before I get a work laptop/email/id so until then I'm the guy looking at videos and articles but not actually doing anything
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    @matsaki95 Couldn't even if I wanted to, I'm a few miles away in a different building on my own.
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