Fuck my internal clock, it's 11am, I went to sleep at 4am, I'm still tired and yet my body refuses to sleep any longer. Just let me sleep to my fullest for once!

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    Same shit
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    Your circadian rythm is not in sync with the rythm you want.
    There is a good (and hard to find, otherwise i would have linked it) series about how it works and how it can be tuned on youtube.

    It basically is about simple things like sleeping in full darkness, having the typical dawn (or dusk, it is the same) light present at wakeup time and not exercising before going to bed...
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    @Oktokolo I noticed that I'd be able to sleep longer in complete darkness, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get that today... Yesterday I had that, but had to get up at 12pm 😭
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    Complete darkness means almost no light reaching the retinas in your eyes.

    So you don't need a dark room, just a proper cover for your eyes. You can buy a sleep mask. But a strip of leather or thick dark textile works too.
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    if i were in a comfy bed right now i'd sleep for 12 hours straight.
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    @Oktokolo I will pay you £5 to find that link and share it with us.
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    Okay, found it.
    It actually is a Podcast and it started with stuff about general brain functions, sleep and jet lag (scroll to bottom):

    You may keep your money. But might want to invest into a sleep mask if coding at night for the focus boost of a silent environment...
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    @Oktokolo thanks! I found it on Spotify! I actually have foil all over my window at night, and for whatever little light gets through I have a dark tshirt that I roll up and place over my eyes .... it's falling asleep that I have a problem with.
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    Falling asleep works best while being tired but relaxed.
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    @Oktokolo it's been many years since I'd last been relaxed/not stressed.
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    Well, then first relax and chill (with or without Netflix) - and then sleep.

    What works best for relaxing highly depends on the person.
    In general, mentally and physically undemanding things work best. So try casual gaming, reading books and watching videos first.

    Also, there are rumors about meditation being pretty op when suffering from information overload. So might try that as well.
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    The problem is most of these things require a screen, and you know what they say about screens before bed. Even when that dimmed yellow "night light" setting is enabled.

    I will read up on meditation though, thanks.
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