What do you hate most about your current CI/CD setup at work?

Mine is that staging and production are released independently. If staging fails, it can still roll out to master. This scares me.

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    Oh shit, you need a guard.
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    Why are they linked in the first place?
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    Cause it's that bad.
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    That I don't have one, and deploy is an npm script that calls a bash script and then a bunch of other npm scripts which are docker commands. The whole thing is targeted at an SSH host and all security depends on how that SSH connection is secured.
    Oh, and testing means running the debug npm script and walking through a checklist stored with the code in version controlled Obsidian.
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    The fact that my CI must run on a Mac (iOS dev is the worst), and XCode does not work well with docker.

    This means IT RUNS ON BARE METAL 😱
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    @react-guy we know IT runs on bare metal.
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    My deploy pipeline is a bash script...
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    I hate that the deployment artifact is re-built with each pipeline execution.

    Someone pushed to repo? Re-build and deploy (this one is obviously fine).

    Scheduled Test pipeline execution time? Okay, re-build the WAR.

    Scheduled QA pipeline execution time? Okay, re-build the WAR.

    Time to deploy to Prod? Okay, re-build the WAR.

    This is a step backward from where we were before CI/CD frankly, where we had a system (Harvest) where you checked in the artifact, and then it moved through the environments. Yes, the build is 100% reproducible, but that shouldn't matter. A proper release methodology dictates that the exact same artifact be deployed to each subsequent environment, otherwise how do you know FOR SURE that the final Prod build isn't subtly different than what you were testing all along, maybe because the build runner was upgraded and uses a new JDK or something along those lines?

    It's dangerous, yet everyone seems okay with it. ARGH!
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    And by the way version controlling the test items is an advancement compared to the last team I was in where you had to filter the discord for [testitem] and execute those plus a couple pinned messages written by Marc who failed to follow the informal standard in the first few moths.
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