I even gave him a plus 1 this time :P
even if he's ranting like a robot troll :P

and i took down the general computing bucket list idea since last time noone liked it even though I like the idea of creating a reallllly big pile of crap to pay people to sift through and integrate and double check against a project roadmap.

upgrading the os structure to something corporate and finding a way to pay all people who participate in COMMUNITY projects would be a great idea.

and all of you with anti social personality disorder can stay home and call people psychopaths.

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    I betcha if i call the nsa one more time, i'll get an update on the guy who seems to have been sitting there for how many years as an operator during our deleted history.

    maybe he did what i think of doing sometimes and shot himself by now.

    course so far as I can tell this mess is derived from things you people wanted for some reason. thats why the world is crazy.
    shame its not stopping you from making more messes yet.
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    I hate our government for placing fake people in it. or allowing it to be polluted with them.
    i should be able to trust them if noone else, given I am simply a would-be patriotic civilian who would-be a useful member of the intelligence community, in some role (if i had my choice).

    instead in my bitterness i connect with an aging man who's sat at the same post lying and acting predatory over the years who now has a younger voice duplicate apparently, asking him how the lying is going

    course his answer this time and last time indicates maybe at least he's sorry the world has been sold into a pointless cycle.

    if you've spent time in Washington DC as I have you know its a fake town.
    Its dubious the white house is anything but a sham as its grounds certainly are.
    the city has degraded over the years.
    buildings that were created to endure generations, soured and ugly and full of rats.

    at the beginning of the cycle its a ghost town.
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    I miss the dream that was.
    I miss the carefree days when I didn't know what was infecting our country.
    I miss having a beer as he suggested i have, probably like an asshole.

    so much of a fucking waste of human life.
    so much.
    so many people from decent stock, who instead of being actualized to their full potential, guardians of our species, our country, heros, progenitors, and creators have become hated fathers, liars, and empty husks inhabiting a shell far more valuable for its genes than its occupant.

    i hate the world now.
    i wish i could be around to see how this concludes, if it ever concludes,.
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    I could organize the maintenance and population planning along far better guidelines than these people who just really fuck everything up and made these twisted people in the first place.
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    They just let things grind down anyway and get worse.
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    @MM83 in a sense. not the subcultural sense, but in a sense.

    the idea is he's not really traveling time, time is looping around him.
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    this scares me.
    it scares me because it did indeed seem like plenty of live births were happening and i'm surrounded by freaks.
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    seriously kill more pedophiles.
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