I knew this might be an issue, but really Linux just sucks balls. It may not be Linux's fault, but the user experience could be a fuck ton better.

Spent 1.5 hours trying to get mint installed on second drive. It works fine if you don't want to do anything with it.

As you can probably surmise I died on getting the gpu driver installed. Just starts to a black screen. No amount of juggling is helping. It just refuses to show the screen with an nvidia driver installed. What is worse is that settings that might help are not set. Like nomodeset in grub. If you know some drivers fuck up the grub interface then add nomodeset and not leave it up to the user to "figure this shit out". Because users are tired of figuring this shit out.

Really really fucking disappointed. I thought to myself: lets install steam and see how it does. The reality: fucking stuck for 1.5 hours on trying to boot into x with graphics acceleration and failing.

Many of you hate on windows, but one thing it has going for it. It doesn't do fucked up shit like this. It has failsafes that try and account for this.

Fuck you linux. You need to fucking grow up and stop relying on users to fix every damn thing in the command line. Go back to server where you belong.

I know I will get the "I told you so" messages, but guess what? The computer I got doesn't come preinstalled with windows. You have to pay to get it. At this point windows is the only fucking viable solution to make my shit work.

Nvidia, go die in a fire bitch. Fix your fucking Linux support you worthless shit heads.

This has been a rant brought to you by "the pain of others". I hope you enjoyed the experience.

PS, I love you all. Even the "I told you so" bitches.

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    I have been using Linux, Windows, and recently MacOS, for years. @Demolishun, I understand your pain, and let me tell you, it used to be much much harder before Gnome, KDE, Ubuntu etc. but I want to disagree with @molaram about the server OS. I like Linux as a client OS, even more so since I got a Laptop with Ubuntu Budgie and preconfigured hardware drivers preinstalled which works like a charm ... mostly. But then again, what about Windows being "fail safe"? Yes, Windows is safe to fail sooner or later. At least Windows 11 seems to fix some of Windows 10's UI ugliness and unusability.
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    I feel your pain, thought graphics drivers always worked for me on Kubuntu. I do however know the Feeling of trying to make something work for several hours (1,5h is a joke for me at this point) and in couple of cases I even went so far to pull the driver code and try to fix stuff by myself (mixer results)

    Well one thing I can say though is that linux taught me a lot more about computers than even I wanted, but I do enjoy it.

    Headless or not, I love linux
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    Yes, that's the classic "Linux on NVidia" experience.

    There are very few distros that can handle nvidia out of the box, especially on laptops. PopOS works if you use the nvidia image. But PopOS also ships with wayland and has some weird bugs on my hardware. Not sure yet if those two are related.
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    TLDR: Fuck you, Nvidia. That's what Torvalds said.

    I don't buy Nvidia, which is why Mint runs nicely with graphics acceleration OOTB on my machines.
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    @deadlyRants It used to be the opposite. Nvidia used to have the best support and AMD was shite. Now they have switched places.
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    @Demolishun Btw., you could use the Mint forums and try to get some help with your hardware. First step would be searching the forum, and if nothing helpful shows up, starting a thread (remember to include the "inxi -Fxxxrz" output in [code]-tags).
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    @Fast-Nop I did give it another shot. I found that if I installed the nvidia drivers before anything else it would work. I could reboot in and it worked. However, after first update it started doing black screen on boot. I also noticed I could not find a way to setup a second screen on HDMI easily. I thought that was really strange.

    After this I was like shit. I did end up putting it on my little Gigabyte cube I have. I want to have a version of linux as backup. Disappointing it is such a pain on my laptop. I may have to try a different distro than mint. I had tried 21.04 of kubuntu, but a lot of stuff just didn't work. But I could manage external screens pretty easy. But I couldn't get it to install 3rd party firmware. My patience level for this is really low. Which is part of the problem.
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    @Demolishun With Mint, is may also depend on the kernel. On my desktop, I run the standard 5.4 kernel, and that does get me graphics also on my AMD Renoir laptop, but without acceleration.

    It takes the 5.8 or 5.11 kernel to get that, too. You can easily install that via the graphical Update Manager.
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    However much I love linux, it is just shit on desktop.
    Though the graphics stuff is entirely on Nvidia: they essentially vomit a multi gigabyte binary blob straight into the kernel and if it doesn't work... Well, that's a shame really. It goes against everything linux stands for so don't be suprised if your computer doesn't like it.
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    I mean... You can go thank Nvidia for the issues with the graphics. I've ran years with Intel integrated and AMD and never had issues.
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    @Fast-Nop I finally understood what you meant in your post about kernel version. This post explains new hardware may need kernel 5.11:


    I will try this tonight. I really do want to dual boot.

    I also need to make linux use the same time index as windows. I really hate that it screws with the clock when it boots to linux every time. I figure linux is probably more configurable in this aspect so I will make the change there.
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    @Demolishun Yes, with AMD's open source drivers, they are right in the kernel, that's why a newer kernel automatically gets me drivers for new AMD hardware without additional effort onmy side. Boots up, works (hopefully).

    With Nvidia, they don't opensource their drivers. You need to download them separately as binary blobs. Now, the kicker is that the driver interface WITHIN the kernel is not stable. So Nvidia needs to compile their drivers for each kernel version.

    The consequence is, when Nvidia releases new hardware such as the RTX 3000 series, they will not provide drivers compiled against kernels that are already old at that point, like the 5.4 LTS kernel which is the default of Mint 20.x Cinnamon - unless you choose their Edge ISO with 5.11 kernel for new hardware. Edge as in "slightly bleeding edge", not as in "Edge browser": https://linuxmint.com/edition.php/...

    So you also need to check on Nvidia's page which of their driver packages are intended for which kernel version.
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    @Demolishun That's because Windows stores the local time while Linux uses UTC, which is more reasonable IMO. Here some tips on that problem:

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