My AP Computer Science teacher changed my life in 2001. Until then, I wasn’t considering a career in development. He challenged me to write a back propagating multi layer perceptron neural network, and an RPN calculator. Every day made me think about how to solve problems at an algorithmic level. He was brutally honest, and one of the reasons why I’m an team manager now. RIP, your legacy won’t be forgotten.

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    You've... You've gone from writing neural nets to managing a team..?
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    I'm not saying I *don't* want to manage... No, yes that is what I'm saying.
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    "Teaching" is good tho
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    @atheist I absolutely love managing more than actual code. It’s exciting to
    empower a team behind a vision and to build up each team member in a meaningful way.
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    @devphobe I think we agree on the teaching/helping people grow. It's the other stuff that puts me off.
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