Almost three years with the same salary. And my LinkedIn inbox full.

I'm really starting to think about going for a change...

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    In developer land the only way you level up is external promotions.

    If you have stock options ask yourself if the company will ever go public and watch videos of the ceo. For example, WeWork ceo had clearly no intentions of going public years before the implosion of WeWork, you can see it in his responses in interviews
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    Be the change you want to see.

    - Someone who gets more credit than the good he did.
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    @Floydimus lol then you’ll get a pat on the back and company will dump you if they no longer need you.

    Remember the companies are not loyal to you It’s a one way street
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    @champion01 isn't that the whole point?

    Don't be loyal to anyone except self.
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    You should always keep in mind the potential that a raise offer might come when you threaten to leave.

    I've had friends who never got a big raise until they said they were planning to leave and then they were offered a big one.
    Other friends were told "it's part of our policy to not offer raises just cause someone is leaving, as that's unfair to those who stay."
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    It's a shame. Because the company is very good and stable (big tech multinational company) and that's something I care for right now, stability.

    And the projects are nice and teammates are awesome with very high level.

    But three years with the same salary is a bit too much now.
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    @Floydimus ya but it’s very easy to forget this and do extra hours for a company
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    It’s time
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