Already hate everything about this job. Not even a week has passed.

PHP5, CakePHP 2, No git, no nothing.

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    Second post I've seen today about a place with no git - do they have any version control at all?
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    No. They're only now "starting to adopt git". This is what I get for not asking the right questions at the bloody interview.

    If I had known the company I was applying to doesn't actually develop in house but rather "loans" their developers to other companies that might need them (consulting), I'd have bailed.

    Now I'm stuck on a dev team for a.... I don't really know. A sort of design/human resources company for at least a month?
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    @nitnip how do you know not that they are a consultancy?


    i can live with this, but fuck no git?
    What year are we in?

    Let me guess, deployments are just copy/paste to ftp (not s)
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    @MM83 version control isn't for everybody, it's hard /s
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    No GIT just means that your local clone also is the future origin.

    But PHP 5?
    They probably want you to upgrade the project to PHP 8.
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    I think it's time for a new job, pal.
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    i quit after two weeks lol
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    That's why they hired you lol
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    Man, that's a big red flag.

    Quit RN.
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    It’s impossible to ask the right questions.
    I thought I had asked the right questions too, but I’m in a similar position to you now. A new job that I think isn’t going to work for me.
    I knew they had legacy shit, I was told sorting that out would be part of my role. But I didn’t know they’re probably years from doing it and I didn’t know they mob everything, even the most basic support tickets.
    I’m bored as fuck watching shit developers work all day.
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    PHP 5 is EOL and therefore a security risk. Any consultant using it is not a professional.

    Version control is highly recommended but not always necessary. Especially when backups are in place and only one Dev at the time works on the same thing.
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    @MM83 No version control. Everyone is literally one misclick away from wiping out the server whenever they want to do a mass-download.
    @C0D4 Yes, upload/download through insecure FTP
    @Oktokolo No, they don't want to update the projects. They basically put a ton of sites on a single PHP5 server so they literally can't update due to technical debt. They are using AWS now to set up their newest projects so if AWS doesn't offer 8.0, they won't use 8.0.
    @hjk101 It's incredibly insecure.
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    They can upgrade one site at a time.
    Apache and Nginx can run different PHP versions for each site.
    And while i don't know, whether AWS actually supports PHP - if they do, they surely support at least some 7.x.
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    @hjk101 I still think it’s a pretty big red flag, VC isn’t just for collaboration, it makes it easier to roll back and revert individual fuckups. Doing this with entire project backups could waste hours and hours. One dev insisting they don’t need it is one thing, but for a company to do so…
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    @Oktokolo I have the feeling they only have one server guy and he's not savvy enough. Also, just like the place I worked at my first internship, they seem to be taking too many projects and accepting bad deadlines.
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