I have ADHD. If you don't know what that means, for me it makes me a better software engineer. I can't do repetitive, so my code is by definition DRY. If someone needs help, I'll notice and help because my brain can't filter out the emotion of someone struggling. I fixate on problems I don't know how to solve, I literally struggle to stop myself. The list goes on. But, at its heart, who gives a shit?

I'm a software engineer, and I'm good at what I do. Does anything else matter?

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    Credit to @IntrusionCM for the suggestion to live what I preach.
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    Except programming is quite often repetitive.
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    @iiii But it isn't! It has short feedback loops. Action, result. Action, result.

    Dopamine regulates "goal directed actions". It's the neuro chemical for reward. Your brain gives you some dopamine when you fill a form for next week. It gives you more dopamine when you do something fun today. ADHD may also be due to higher dopamine for immediate rewards and lower dopamine for delayed rewards.
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    @atheist I don't remember when working was fun 😐
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    A person with ADHD struggles to think ahead because their brain is only rewarding them for immediate consequences.
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    I'm not a doctor but that sounds more like OCD to me.
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    @iiii 😅🙈 That may be a different problem. But yes. If work is shit, my performance drops noticeably.
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    @atheist I'm just a depressman 😐
    Probably having anhedonia as a consequence
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    @nitnip OCD is different. OCD is more characterised by a compulsion to repeat actions, ADHD relates to ability to continue a single task. The difference between feeling compelled to read the same page in a book repeatedly, vs being up until 4am because you felt compelled to finish the book.

    I do not make light of OCD. I'm simply trying to explain by comparison. My understanding of ADHD is better, and I do not do OCD justice.
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    Or, of course, the stereotype of ADHD, you can't sit still long enough to start.

    Or you start something, but get bored, and so your brain changes task without asking you.
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    This has confused me a little bit because I now have 2 rants discussing the same topic (this was inspired by a comment in the other)

    link: https://devrant.com/rants/4781731/...
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    Whatever, I have brain damage and I don't brag about it.
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    @GeorgeBool 😂 Respect.
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    @atheist I too have ADHD, primarily inattentive type. Falling forward into a coding flow is my favourite state.

    As for OCD, it's probably best described like paths through snow. The more you use them the deeper they become and more difficult to get out of. ADHD is almost like the opposite, as distraction will stop you from taking that same path again.

    Data structure/control flow analogy:

    ADHD is a binary tree. Externalities sometimes interrupt and take you on another thread. Medication and coping strategies can help quiet the externalities but also allow your own intended interrupts to function.

    OCD is perhaps a series of while loops with counters on certain function calls. They get reinforced when triggered. CBT can help insert break statements in those loops and ultimately remove those detrimental structures.

    ADHD is thought to be due to chronically low dopamine. OCD may be due to issues with serotonin and dopamine if memory serves me correctly.
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    Welcome to the club. Best way I explain it is that attention shifting is harder for me - means I can stay overly focus to the exclusion of anything else (good for coding, bad for fixation and thoughts loops), but also not focus on a lot of boring things, like administrations or taxes.

    Yoga and meditation helps me immensely.
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    > your brain changes tasks without asking to you

    geez man, that explains me so well
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