Sometimes I just feel so behind. Even when I’m productive and my projects are going well I feel like I can’t catch up and my current skill set is not enough if I want to get a job as a dev, and I don’t feel like a bad developer I’m pretty proud of myself and what I’ve been able to do so far and I have a BLAST when I’m working on my projects but I’ll be browsing devRant, Twitter, or Reddit and I’ll see people talking about aspects that people with jobs as devs have to worry about or just people working on code that is used in production and I just think to myself well I can’t do that, and just start questioning myself.

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    @Bubbles, jump on in and see where you go.

    Don't let the day to day lives of the rest of us scare you away, a lot of the regulars here for example are seniors and have been doing this a long time. So there's a skew towards the shit we would have to do on a daily basis compared to yourself, at-least for a few years anyway.

    If anxiety is an issue, I say grab the bull by the horns and see where it kicks you, worst case... it can only end badly, but that's still a better result then not attempting at all.
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    @C0D4 I’d say part of it definitely is anxiety although another part of it is that my job search before i got my current job (not dev related) was just rejection after rejection and it really fucked up my morale. I also just get intimidated really easy though
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    @Bubbles it's good to remember that, whether by incompetence (S.O.) or design (Facebook), the internet just ends up geared to make you feel bad.

    If any engineer says they know more what than half of the silly framework names, acronyms or buzzwords they encounter online actually mean or do, they're lying. Better to be genuinely good at a few things than pretending to be good at loads.
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    @MM83 I agree with you it’s definitely impossible to know everything and I feel better about myself when I’m not going on social media
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    There are some aspects of work you will only learn when your doing it...
    First time is hard but then it gets easier and familiar.
    Also each company is completely different....
    So, don't think much about it, you will learn everything else while working
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