Today was a successfull day: I posted a question on StackOverflow and I didn't receive any downvote

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    I did the same... Once xD but there is an adventage of this... I have been afraid od asking Q do i was looking for answer very very deeply :3
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    I have write rough drafts of my questions before posting in hopes of avoiding downvotes
    "Duplicate" questions always seem to be well above my, and my problems, technical level
    I just wanted to know why my Powershell regex wasn't working 😢
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    I guess your question was really good, or the downvoters were strategically deceived by someone in devRant so you could get a decent answer.

    *New achievement unlocked*
    - DevRant Babysitter
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    Congratulations *plays acheivement unlocked noise*😆
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    I have started asking on irc before so, if I can't find answers. People seems quite nice and helpful there. And they can't downvote on irc ;)
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    @devs once I used andclient of irc but it was full of restrictions as well so I left
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    You are a god amongst men
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    I felt like giving everyone a beer when i had my first upvote.
    I know this feeling.
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    You were lucky today. Too lucky...
    Tomorrow, your computer will catch on fire, and your GitHub repo will cease to exist. For such is the law of posting on StackOverflow and not being downvoted.
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    *Virtual points make me happy*
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    Your next badge will be: Tumbleweed 😂

    Too soon?
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