VS stuck here. It's been 10 minutes now. FML

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    It's visual studio, what did you expect
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    I have that odd bug with the VBCSCompiler too. I tried to debug for Microsoft, but when I tried, then that introduced like a tiny delay that meant the bug disappeared. So there's a race condition that is difficult to replicate.
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    It's an IDE and from Microsoft, so that's basically expected behaviour.
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    @jAsE-cAsE exactly, people just like to shit on ms, they feel cool
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    @jAsE-cAsE Visual Studio Code is the best ide ever made! But my experiences with Visual studio have been a nightmare!!
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    @Olverine For example? also what kind of languages/apps? Since I started to use Visual Studio, I'd never go back... VS Code it's a nice editor/IDE (I don't consider It a full IDE)
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    @dontbeevil VS is heavy and slow and has crashed to many times on hardware that should be more than enough to run it smoothly. I have used it for C++. VS code is fast and lightweight and has never caused me any problems even though I have been using it as my main (and only) ide for years now. What are you missing in VS code? Why is it not a full ide?
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    @Olverine VS is heavy and slow, yes but only to start, I'm happy to lose few seconds of my life to start it at begin of day if at the end of my day I saved lot of time thanks to his intellisense, refactoring, deploy and debug tools (mainly C# with a bit of c++)

    I can count on one hand of many times it crashed for me

    I miss the all built-in features and integration that I mentioned before... I use it to edit small files (like json) or to read/edit small changes in different projects (when I don't need to open all of them in VS)

    ah also the git integration and diff tool is much better in VS (I hate CLI)
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    Its a shame how bad Microsoft's IDEs have become in the last decade.

    Jetbrains is king of the hill now.
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    @Oktokolo what's so bad for example?
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    Look at how project management works in Jetbrains' IDEs. It is way more intuitive there.
    They also let you use a GUI to change your syntax highlighting colors and styles - while instantly showing you the effect of that change - while MS still thinks it being a good idea to have you close the dialog before the change bekomes visible.
    In general, it is easier to disvover the functionality needed in Jetbrains' than Microsoft IDEs now.

    What seems to have happened: Jetbrains copied all the good concepts from Microsoft - and improved on them while Microsoft pulled an Intel letting its product fall behind while adding cloud-based gamification.

    Today in fall 2021, Jetbrain is leading in every aspect but price.
    They have no gratis option - except for Python to get the teens hooked (it also worked pretty well on me though).
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    I tried first VS Code and then Visual Studio comming back after multiple years of using Jetbrains' PHPStorm because of a C# project. So i am basically a beginner there while being severely spoiled by the Jetbrains pampering (they really know how the lazy devs want it).

    But i really expected Microsoft to not just maintain, but improve on their well-known industry-standard IDE.

    Also realize, that i sound like a Jetbrains fanboi - so take it with a bag of salt...
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    @Oktokolo All the things you mentioned looks really minor for me
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    Well, the core functionality was there ten years ago.
    Today, the comfort features are the distinguishing factors.
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