Final episode of leverage redemption, they used an Android phone. Have you ever seen a TV series where they don't use an IPhone?!

Cracks start small 😋

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    Always be on the lookout for Apple products on telly. Apple is not allowing villains to use their products. Seeing an Apple product means that person must be generally considered as not a villain.
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    @TheCommoner282 If people knew even 1% of the symbolism is movies and media they would rise up and destroy the system.
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    99% of the time someone uses a search engine on a TV show it's fucking Bing, but I wouldn't go selling your Google shares just yet.
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    @TheCommoner282 in squid games the evil dude in the black had a mac desktop
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    @calmyourtities Good point. I just read an article about a director stating it about iPhones. Maybe it's really just iPhones.

    Maybe Apple changed their policies after the interview with the director, because, like he said, this was bad for mystery on TV.

    Or it was because SquidGame was made for a local market and they just didn't care. Just like with the real telephone number they used and have to pay money to the owner who is being called hundreds of times per day after SquidGame really blew up. In that case they probably made a deal with Apple afterwards.

    tl:dr: Probably more a rule of thumb than a law of nature.
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    ++ For pointing me to Leverage: Redemption
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