I was just curious about this: how many of you guys uses emacs/vim? Is it your main editor or just for quick editing? Any specific reason besides familiarity?

I ask this because I'm a late adopter of emacs. It is my quick editor (I use jetbrains IDEs). Fell in love with mu4e and twitter-mode, but org-mode was the deal breaker.

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    Vim for anything but a big project, where Jetbrains makes me far more productive.
    I prefer vim because I know it will be installed everywhere I ssh to :)
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    vim, got used to it, plenty usefull features for better productivity
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    I use the jetbrains ides. For quick editing vim indeed. I use as many command line tools day-to-day as I can (while staying sane) because work on Linux servers on a regular basis.

    This way I don't have to get used to every server, but instead I use my tools there as well
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