Client: I need the push notification to have purple edges with blue background.

Me: I'm sorry. Apple does not have a support for such customization. What we can do is modify title, description and also add an overview image.

Client: No, you can make it purple edges with blue background. I saw it on dribble!

Me: *Logs out*.

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    I‘m so glad iOS (and probably Android, too) doesn’t allow for that kind of customization. Just imagine how your notifications screen would look like if you let designers do this kind of shit.
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    Okay, no purple edges and blue background.
    But can the overview image fill the entire notification?
    And can it be an apng or gif?
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    @Lensflare Android allows HTML notifications, obviously to make text formatting easy, which Facebook likes to abuse to create a completely different look that breaks on a lot of devices.
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    @lbfalvy allowing html seems like a really bad idea. I mean yes, you get flexibility for free but at the cost of different look on different devices (browsers) and the ability to abuse it to hell.
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    @Lensflare Different look on different devices is the norm, the problematic part is apps abusing html to try and avoid that.
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    @Lensflare The intent here is obviously to be able to create basic layouts and format text without inventing a whole new encoding for all that functionality.
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    @lbfalvy I see what the intent is. But I still think that it’s a mistake.
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    @Lensflare Linux gives you the ability to store user settings in mysql because every repo has packages and you can have your text editor depend on it. It's stupid and nobody does that, but if somebody did nobody would blame Linux for not preventing you from making your product bad.
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    @lbfalvy this example is a completely different case
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