I was just getting frustrated how hard it can be to search on google for very specific subjects when it comes to development. So I thought, why hasn't anyone made a search engine just for developers so you don't get any bullshit in between.
I found apis.io but they only have 1076 documented apis in their db... lets collectively make this better!

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    @norman70688 not my point, I'm not looking for solutions to problems alone. I'm also looking for apis, sdk's and so on...
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    @norman70688 not only documentation, i'd like to have similar results like google but only the relevant stuff for programmers without any bullshit. Like googling something like vanilla and not getting all ice cream but just vanilla js
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    Or you can just, you know, learn to write better google queries?
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    I've been working with obscure libraries. Issues with it are totally un-googleable. None of their docs are online. I hear you, dude.
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