Let's get real serious for a second here guys... How do you unit test a unit testing framework?

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    I would say fuck it !
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    Using only language native stuff i suppose, like ==, exceptions etc.
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    Just let it run some tests on a program and run the same tests with a different unit testing utility on the same program and then cross-validate. Or verify it with some verification language. Or unit test it with another framework... Which could lead to cyclic dependencies 😂
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    How do you compile a C compiler built in C without a C compiler?
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    @franciscoknebel gcc compiles itself. Same with Haskell, ghc is used to compile ghc. Another interesting bit, the linux kernel is compiled using gcc and gcc in turn runs on a linux machine.

    Compiler, OS designers are very smart programmers. They have easily figured out this recursion shit (btw, before inception became famous, this phenomenon was simply called recursion). It will take unit testing framework authors a couple more decades to get there I suppose. 😋
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    @rayanon now that's some interesting stuff right there
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