Ok apparently I forgot rants can only be edited within the first 5 minutes, I thought it was 30, and you can't rant 2 times in 2 hours so I'll have to wait before posting this.

So, I'm doing a Genetic Algorithms class, something I liked since I was 15 yo and didn't know shit about coding, but I loved the carykh videos about it. (here is part 1: https://youtu.be/GOFws_hhZs8 )

The yearly class consisted of 3 little projects to be able to do the final exam and an investigation project to pass the subject without a final exam.

We had to make teams, and I got together with 5 more people.

I have a lot to say about these 5 people, but the only thing I'll say is that I was the most experienced programmer among the 6 of us, if they had any experience at all. Mind this is a third cycle class.

We were allowed to use any technology, as long as we wrote the important algorithms by hand, of course.

The development of the first project was such a mess, that one of the members left the subject.

While developing the second one, we were given the topic for the investigation project; fractals.

It took a lot for us to find an application of fractals where we could use genetic algorithms. Once we found it, fractal antennas, we had to learn about antennas, so we interviewed professionals, and such. We ended up learning to evaluate antennas.
We also found a site that used some parameters to generate fractals, we had the parameterization.
We just had to code it. It was July and we just had to code it by October.

We were 5 people, and "we" were so busy writing the little projects, we fucking couldn't finish the investigation project.
We just had to write the proper algorithms and GUI specifics, without even having to write boilerplate (we used the first project as a template), and they still took so much that we didn't have time for the important project.

That sucked, because I had been coding and investigating in many weekends, I spent countless hours on them, I had to pause development on other projects for these ones; and after all that we have to do the (very shitty) final exam.

Since May, the average people together "working" on the different projects was 2.6. And 100% of the time, I was one of them.
We tried to speed up things in the last months but even with the deadline on us and the project not even started, there was no time we all got to work together.

Dude projects don't just get made, someone has to develop them.

It's so sad we had the project ready to be made and 5 people couldn't finish it. There was so little to do to pass and yet these people couldn't.

I guess it's my bad too. I wish I could rush the project in a couple of weeks, but unfortunately the guy with a job and 8 other subjects can't.

You can find the project in my GitHub. I'll do a requiem of what it was to be one of these days, after I catch up with all I left aside for this subject...

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    Did these people get jobs?
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    If you can't choose your team mates, I find the outcome is often not good.

    Unless the other teams are even worse..

    This is why so many of my projects today are solo efforts !
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    So genetic class teach how real world project development looks like 👀
    Not many developers, nobody works, shitty organization of work, changing demands, small budget and missed deadlines.
    Welcome to real life.
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