I wish people expressed more nuance in their opinions. However, online social networks are often not built to encourage nuance, and I feel like most people take nuance for a lack of self-confidence which they take in turn for a lack of authority.

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    This rant is total garbage.
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    This rant is super cool.
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    Upvoted for awareness.
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    People don't have time for nuance online. Quick and dirty reading and get in and out. People just flat out don't notice things that change over say a weeks time.
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    @Demolishun Agreed. Of course there are a lot of differences between an online social network and a physical discussion, but the interactivity is key I think: if I see a 100-line long comment, I will probably not bother to read. If someone IRL starts to talk to me about a deep theory that this person has, I will probably listen because I feel like I can interact with this person as their speech goes, instead of waiting until the end with so many parts of that speech to comment on
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    Some? You mean all. All social media is complete garbage and there's no wiggle room for the possible positives gained out of them.
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    @arcsector what are you doing here then? 😁
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    @nonox ..... lacking nuance?
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    @nonox I am here for entertainment. I have found that nuanced jokes are hard for people to get though. So I usually have to explain them in the comments. Also, sometimes that is to bait them into going into the discussion.
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    @arcsector Haha, maybe! But isn't Devrant a social network?
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    @nonox I'm saying my comment that generalizes all social media as being evil is lacking nuance, essentially proving your point in an ironic way, which was intentional
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