Last night: Wow, I just finished that massive feature and I still get some time left! Why not play something?!

Oh crap, this game is so cool but my video card drivers needs an update (AMD Radeon on a Fedora system).

The proprietary drivers don't run on this version of Xorg server... Fine, let's search for some solutions online and... Hey! Found it! Let's see: downgrade Xorg, download the driver, patch it for your kernel version...

Did I just fucked my display? Oh yeah... Let's try to fix it........


5am: Finally got it all working perfectly again... Fuck this game, I hate it!

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    Depends on the distro you use. Friend of mine plays high end games on debian with native amd drivers which works great!
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    @linuxxx the problem is not the distro, is the video card (old af). I had to downgrade the Xorg server for it to work.

    On the plus side, I finally motivated myself to dive in the Arch Linux. I'm loving it. Don't know why I postponed this so much (using Linux since '99, it was about time to man up!)
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    @brunohcastro I wish I'd used Linux since that year but in my defense, I was only four years old by then 😝
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