*installing linux on my mini laptop*
- Dad: "you should make a backup image of windows 10"
- Me: "LOL NOPE!"

(With 2gb of ram, linux makes it the perfect lightweight coding machine. But with W10? Jesus christ)

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    Welcome to linux club xD
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    everything is fine with win10 on 2gb machines.
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    @MaxDeepfield have to disagree :( On idle, windows 10 consumes 1.3gb of ram already. It's unoperable, even when you don't add up the constant notifications/update requests
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    @honeyBadgerJeff Agree, on Windows 64 bit -> consume about 1gb of ram as fresh install or fresh boot.
    In my experience -> at Windows 32 bit, consume about 300 mb of ram as fresh install or fresh boot. (but it still slow like ass..)(That's why I switched to Arch Linux) (Noticable faster and never look back)
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    What distro did u install.I recommend using a lightweight desktop environment or openbox or even i3.even on a low specced laptop you can get alot of speed out of linux .
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    @zmzmuazzam98 using MATE for a bit of sexiness. I use like one tab on qupzilla and atom ~1.2gb ram ;) sometimes I use i3 if I have more workload.
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