So, there was this person I met on the internet who was preaching about how the success of games depends primarily on luck.
His argument was that even though he made a great game(his opinion) and uploaded it to the appstore his game failed to gain popularity.
He stated that there are about 500 games uploaded daily and it is only the matter of luck whether or not a game gets noticed and that he ran out of luck.
Now, his game was a pretty ripped off copy of the overused tile matching games. I pointed out to him that the reason his game didn't do well was probably because he made a ripoff(I actually used 'a copy's but 'ripoff' sounds more rant like) and that he priced it fairly high, while there were free games with more features and better graphics and mechanics(based on the description of the game and screenshots).
He then began to rage(all caps obviously) about how I am talking out of my ass and that I probably haven't even made a game yet.
I politely(the only reason I was polite was because the account was known to my Twitter followers. Sometimes one has to protect one's name) told him that I am an indie game developer and that I have made a decent amount of games.
He then proceeded to mock me and dared me to name a few.
So I posted four links to my 48 hour competition games and one to an official game.
He then began to call me an imposter, so I did a shout-out to him through my Twitter account.
Instead of continuing on Twitter, he ran back to the forum, and began to shit talk about how anyone can do it if they have a team with them.
I corrected him on that, stating how I was alone at the time and these particular games were the results of me working hard and striving to improve myself.
Then the guy finally starts spamming on different threads about how I am an arrogant bastard and other explicit forms of abuses before finally getting banned.
Sometimes I don't even know why I bother.
When I was starting out, there was this developer who would point out the faults in my games so that I could work on them. That was a great help and probably accelerated my growth. He was a great mentor and is now a good friend and is now in my team.
I guess some people are so hung up on their pride that they will refuse to accept their mistakes and make any efforts to improve.

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    There are people all around the world that believe that they will make a killer app just by ripoff an idea and spend little time and work on it depending only on others for the most part.

    These are often the ones that are complaining about why their app do not sell...

    The answer is simple for me. Although I cannot do that for the moment unfortunately.
    Start based on an idea. Evolve the idea based on the result. Always keep your end game at sight. Always look around for what the people really want to.

    If you do that, you can build something wonderful little by little and evolve personally. It's the only way, really. Sadly, I am not able to put it in action...
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    Well ranted
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    Good feedback is always welcome, even better if it's in the early stages of development.

    Since you said you've experience publishing apps, what release strategy would you recommend? a private beta with friends, a regional​ beta ore just open for everyone? I'm asking because I'm about to release my first app in Android :)
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    @Aeron not really related to the rant, but i like playing such games, could you link to some of the games you made? I'm on android btw :)
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    Your last statement is too true.
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    If anyone around me was that honest I would be glad to have found the person. It is truly rare that people give honest feedback. Probably to avoid bothering with people's ego.
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    What forum are you talking about? I would be happy to receive feedback for games I created☺
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    @spaceJunk I would personally recommend that you keep it open for everyone, if you believe that your idea is unique and/or appealing and are comfortable with letting people see it in its current state. If people like it, they will start talking about it to other people and since it is in development stage, it will help build up a "hype" while at the same time you can collect data about bugs and even take suggestions from the audience about what they would like to see in it. If possible, communicating with the audience is highly recommend (Example: telling them about what you plan to implement in the next update and when this next update will be, also talking to them about your future plans but never give them false hope like a certain game #totallynottalkingaboutnomanssky.) Do all this and you should be fine.
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    @Awlex I personally am on a lot of forums. In my case it is more like I want to know about all the games that come out and what problems others are facing so that should I encounter them in the future, I would know what to do and find new ways to express myself. But if you want reviews for your games, there are many ways to go about that.
    1. Upload a video on YouTube.(you will get results over a period of time when you get popular)
    2. If you are using an engine, use the forum made for the users of that particular engine. If you can't draw a solution to your problems regarding a feature, you might find a nice person who would be willing to guide you.
    3. If you use custom engines like me, then you'll have to join a lot of forums to get a decent amount of reviews(also one of the reasons why I have joined a shit ton of forums).
    Just search around on the net for a bit, you'll find a lot of forums.
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    @Aeron great man, thank you.
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