Power is out... coding by the fire place until the laptop battery dies...

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    Did you saved the changes? ☺
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    Used my phone as a hotspot to push changes before it died. Power is back now though!
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    U can use a bicycle to make power
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    @CozyPlanes I wish I had such a generator... If I powered at least my laptop with it I'd be in great shape :P
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    For the love of God! Does anybody here know CPR!
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    You have to build Peltier based power supply to harness heat from your fireplace in case history repeats it self.
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    @ryanmhoffman In all seriousness I have been here before except at home - late night - an entire week of rolling blackouts for my neighborhood!! I ended up just resorting to using old Adobe software on my laptop and just make logos and hand drawings by the light of a candle :)
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