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    Circle of dev life
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    Ah, the good ol' days when I was still a child. Did I say good ol'days? I meant my days in the purgatory where you got banned from absolutely everything.
    At first I played a lot of games for 3/4th day. As one would expect, I was banned from using the PC for a while. I then switched over to books, again spending 3/4th day reading. My parents actually tried to put my books in a locker but upon realizing that I had three bookshelf worth books(about 150), they decided to transfer them in a room and lock it. Then came drawing, then guitar, then GBA and finally stray cats and dogs before they realized that I was utterly hopeless and returned everything to me and let me do as I pleased while dropping little comments filled with scorn here and there. 10/10 would do again.
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