Back when I was in college I had this CS professor who was by far the worst I can remember. The class was some bullshit 100 level required intro to CS course, and the guy tried to make it as difficult as possible. Beyond that, he was just a bad professor and did stupid things.

One of the most memorable things he did was give homework assignments, and then in order to collect them (it was a lecture class of about 150 people), he would have everyone pass their printed assignments to the right, and these sheets of paper traveled all the way across the lecture hall in every row of seats. It was a complete mess.

As you can probably guess, he frequently misplaced homework assignments, and many were probably lost through this ridiculous method of turning them in. Some people almost failed this ridiculously easy class because he lost their homework assignments. I think he lost like one of mine so it didn't matter much, but some other people in the class almost failed because of this. I think in the end he had to make a lot of exceptions because of this obvious trend.

Beyond that, he was an older guy who had worked for IBM, and he made that known at least once per class, usually more. "IBM this, IBM that!" So fucking annoying.

I'm glad to be long done with college.

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    Aah i love such people who will always refer to something or someone atleast once and try to squeeze it in even if that reference has no business being there. I have one professor who loves using the word "Oracle", not to mention ones who love using a certain phrase of which I have had 10s of them counting since school days.
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    My mathematics analysis teacher used to always talk about the war and how he lost his hearing in every class...
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    Ooh, I had one of those, except instead of IBM it was "back when I was working at FedEx...". It's like, please stop, this was years ago and the software landscape has completely changed from when you were writing Smalltalk.
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    Yup, I recognize that. We had a lecturer who in the introduction database course had us do fifth normal form and taught us all about deadlocks. Since it was the intro course people, including myself, did not follow what he was trying to teach us.

    In his mind we would all be working in systems with 2B transactions per day, like he did in the 80s/90s working with IKEA..

    Needless to say 87% of the class failed the first exam and when someone brought it up with the university he claimed that we were all useless. Good times!
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    Can't wait to experience this this fall
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    We have a drinking game. For every time the prof mentions his work for intel, one beer after the lesson. Let's just say, we get drunken a lot...
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