I wanted to talk about the right job.
In my previous job I did not feel happy, the management was weird, the salary was low.

For a time I was thinking, I need to get better and do more and I will have a better salary and management will be more lenient towards me.

After a few years, I got an offer to join a much bigger company with a bigger salary and better benefits.

I joined them of course. And it turns out in some places you just do not fit in or the company just wants something that is not realistic and always will be unhappy with you.

In my current company, I have never felt better working, the team is awesome and tasks are challenging but doable, and they appreciate my skills and speed of work.

If you do not feel good in your company, leave for some other company, most likely it's not you, but its the job that sucks.

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    Sometimes its the team or the project! But yeah, you're right 100%!
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    I had a similar experience and I agree.
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