Type letter "w" in wife's browser

"What is the ratio of open to closed doors in the world right now?"

"Why doesn't my baby molt her skin all at once while she grows?"

"Will Python help me to make a robot friend for my toddler daughter"

"Where do I buy tensors for building robot brains"

"Why don't we solve aging population and climate change by not vaccinating boomers"

Me: ... "Seriously, why can't you just watch hardcore porn, like a normal person"

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    I once sent my sister to the hardware store to buy a screw welder, a can of protracting oil and a wooden functor, along a number of other items that were actually necessary for the treehouse we were building.
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    Some of those things may actually exist, this was 10 years ago and I googled at the time so as not to accidentally have her spend a car's price on a random object we didn't need.
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    Cool wife!
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    @lbfalvy I've been looking for protracting oil, did you find any? Also, finally found headlight fluid. Bought some breast milk off ebay.
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    Your wife sounds inquisitive and Dutch.
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    The robot ones are honestly kind of cute
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    @lbfalvy but why did you do that?
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    Because you typed 'w' instead of 'h' or 'p'.
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    i understand why you've married her
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    @Demolishun just got back from my weekly elbow grease and bead sweat purchase as well, did you end up finding any gall relaxant?
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    Challenge accepted

    “Why red khmers denied the existence of narodnaya volya”

    “Why ‘neither neither nor both’ construction is not understood by English-speaking people”

    “Why “t’” suffix was denied by Saint-Petersburg linguistics notion”

    Translated from Russian to English as good as I possibly could, this is intricate stuff that can’t quite be translated
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    your gf is a character from xkcd. Congrats! But watch out for hat man and his submarine
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    Hey, I am new here, can you help me to understand what's the use of this app?
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    @rahulraje1505 basically dev people ranting about their life
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    @rahulraje1505 "whalecum" as my past self used to say.
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    Clone your wife.
    Sell the clones to nerds.
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    She's gay though. She's my wife, and we're parenting a child together, and she's the love of my life and we share everything. Even girlfriends sometimes. Could potentially sell her clones to lesbian nerds.

    Although I'm not sure selling humans, even clones, is all that ethical.
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    @bittersweet that's a very awesome and foward relationship, nice.
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    Type "h"
    "Hitler did nothing wrong"
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    @Pogromist That actually pops up for me, because I was curious what that side of the internet looks like.
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    @Pogromist @lbfalvy I think you can not make any argument where that statement can be true.

    I mean, if you're like 99% of people, you'd say that genocide is wrong.

    And if you believe that nazism was a great idea and somehow find the Holocaust justifiable, then you must at least admit that Hitler failed by fighting the Soviets instead of further solidifying his grip on Europe — that was wrong from a strategic perspective.

    So, no matter what, Hitler did something wrong.
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    @Pogromist @lbfalvy

    OK, I guess there's one situation in which you can make that claim:

    1. You can prove that if Hitler hadn't committed his crimes, someone else would have (which is actually a defendable position, xenophobia was deeply rooted in society), and
    2. That person would have been more successful at it, so much more successful that WW2 would have ended in a global nuclear war, rendering the Earth sterile
    3. Hitler was aware of this in advance, and knew that playing the role of Fascist dictator, committing genocide and subsequently losing the war and ending his own life would actually be the only possible way to minimize suffering while teaching the world lessons about the dangers of fascist states and world wars in a semi-controlled manner.

    In that case, if Hitler was some genius time traveler who ran a billion timeline causality simulations and had no other option than to be Hitler, he did nothing wrong.

    Would be a neat B-quality movie plot.
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    @bittersweet why are you writing all of this? The "Hitler did nothing wrong" is a joke on the internet
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    I know.

    I'm in lockdown, have had too much Cognac, and was just trying to dismantle the statement at a somewhat deeper level to see if it could make sense beyond alt-right assholes and shock-meming kids. 🤷
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    @bittersweet devil's advocate is a good thing
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