First interview in my life in 5 hours. I feel I know nothing about coding!

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    You are not alone, been there just study before going to interviews.
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    Also imposter syndrome fucks with your head, so just accept the anxiety and be straight with them
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    Be confident. You know your stuff. You will do great 👍
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    Good luck!
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    Good luck~
    I get nervous a lot as well before interviews and presentations, but just keep calm, don't worry about it too much and maybe distract yourself a bit with other things. :)
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    Then you're in it now. Hope everything goes well for you. Good luck
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    Show them you are a problem solver. That's worth more than knowing how to code.
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    Hope it goes / went well :)
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    They invited you so they're interested in your profile. Just be confident in what you know instead of worrying about what you might not know. The worst thing you can do now is driving yourself crazy with what they could ask and arriving as an unsecure, babbling idiot. They think you fit the job and they know the position better than you , so why doubt them?
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    Dont study jack shit... be modest, transparent and honest. Employers need people who can find ways to solve problems, not just people who know solutions.
    Show them you are competent and willing to learn, open to new guidance and youre good to go
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    and how it was ?
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    So how was it ?
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    1. Relax.
    2. Be yourself.
    3. Profit.
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    @vonverletzt @mtdev WHAT THE FUCK IS PHP 5.7???? There was a question about it. In addition they use SVN and no frameworks ('because we have specific tasks'). So I declined. Thank you all for your support! You are awesome!
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