The Indian state of Kerala uses Linux(Edubuntu) in all the schools. This incident happened back in 2010. I was not that proficient in Linux but I liked it for some reasons.

So one day, one of my IT teachers was handed the responsibility to edit a video. Being the School Student IT Convenor, he asked for my help. I'm no Video Editor but this thing was so easy that Openshot was enough.

While I was at it, he said: "Why does the govt. want us to use such unprofessional stuff? If it was Windows we could do everything very easily. Who is ever gonna use Linux in a professional environment? The govt. is spoiling the children by urging them to use Linux, Free Software and Open Source."

I couldn't argue that day. But today I so wish I could go back and roast him!

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    "Do you like Google? Cloud computing? Network routers? The International Space Station? The Large Hadron Collider?"
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    @Jop- We have a pretty good education department. Even the opposition is awesome 😎
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    Similar situation happened in tamil nadu.
    Btw, hello from tamil nadu!!
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    Well I'd love that. Here in MU, we still use Windows XP.
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