So this guy called me. I hung up at the second 'ring'. He called again and I hung up immediately. I mean without picking up.

Please, get the hint, I'm fucking busy. Leave a message, I'll call you back if needed.

But don't try and contact me a THIRD TIME in a time frame of 1 minute. Not through WhatsApp. That's borderline harassment GO FUCK YOURSELF.

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    I'm just wondering, did you talk to him on the first time?
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    @DRHAX34 No I never picked up the phone. I do not know the exact word in english but I pressed the red "hang up" button on the phone, not the green one ^^ And I certainly did not pickup + quickly hung up aftertwards, that would be rude.
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    For the sake of proof. Grey means Incoming call, red means outgoing 'stop'. I'm still angry. I can't believe this.
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    If I'd somewhy still give him a chance after the harassment, the meme would just make instantly say no and hate its guts
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    @eeeddr that's what made me so angry, the harassment I'm used to. But the meme and the grin he probably had on his face just made my blood boil
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    Well I don't blame you, what makes anybody think any of that is ok??

    My college made us have a class in-between semesters that basically thought us how to behave in job interviews and such but God damn, nobody even needs that kind of class or anything to have basic thoughts as to what's not ok...
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    Totally agreed. I hate recruiters who have no respect. Fuck I have had 2 contact me on my work number, I don't even know my fucking work number.
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    That is so inappropriate! Is it usual with it recruiters?
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    It's for a Xamarin position anyways ๐Ÿ™ƒ
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    @wooz Come on man :p
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    Obnoxious recruiters get immediate blocks from me. Even faster when I can tell they've not bothered to read my resume (or even my LinkedIn ffs) and are sending me things like hourly help desk positions.
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