Applying Occam's razor and I might be wrong..

Hiring a candidate and job hunt, both are fucking exhaustive process.

We, as a human race, have aimed for Moon and Mars but are unable to solve the problem at hand which can save millions of hours each year reflecting in immediate cost savings.

Here's my (idealistic) solution:

A product to connect job seekers and recruiters eliminating all the shitty complexities.

LinkedIn solved it, but then hired some PMs who started chasing metrics and bloated the fuck out of the product.

Here are some features of the product I am envisioning:

1. Job seeker signs up and builds their entire profile.

2. Ability to add/remove different sections (limited choices like certifications, projects, etc.), no custom shit allowed because each will have their own shit.

3. By default accept GDPR, Gender Identity, US equality laws, Vetran, yada yada..

4. No resume needed. Profile serves as resume. Eliminate the need to build a resume in word or resume builders.

5. Easy updates and no external resume, saves the job seeker time and gives a standard structure to recruiters to scan through eliminating cognitive load.

6. Recruiters can post their jobs and have similar sections (limited categories again).

7. Add GDPR, Vetran, etc. check boxes need basis.

8. No social shit. Recruiters can see profiles of job seekers and job seekers can see jobs. Period.

9. Employee working in Google? Awesome. Will not show Google recruiters thier profile and employee such job posts.

10. No need to apply or hunt heads. System will automatch and recommend because we are fucking in AI generation and how hard it is to match keywords!!

11. Saves job seekers and recruiters a fuck ton of time hunting the best fit.

12. This system gets you the best job that fits your profile.

Yes, there are flaws in this idea.

Yes, not all use cases are covered.

Yes, shit can be improved and this is hypothetical.

But hey! Surely doable with high impact than going on Moon or Mars right now.

Start-up world has lost its way.

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    Monke strong together
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    Makes sense. But some large companies or governments will want people to send or achieve resumes in their own ugly-ass word templates. Gotta have an option to users upload those, otherwise it will be hell to maintain such an enormous amount of different templates.
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    1. Unionise and boycott those companies who don't align to market

    2. What do you mean nightmare to maintain different templates?
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    Nah, these companies always wanna look unique... in a completely wrong sense. Gotta start with the rotten mindset first, and only then make tools for automation.
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    @vintprox totten mind-set?
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    Sounds like LinkedIn if you if ignore the social stuff.
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    Major issue: Throwing AI on it will definitely make it worse than the current situation.

    Just let employers and employees prioritize their tags and display a list ordered by weighted Euclidean distance or another boring algorithm.
    No need for AI or blockchain here.
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    My request:
    Ability to report
    - recruiters for contacting you with a job that marked something you don't have as a solid requirement
    - job seekers for lying
    - ads for blatantly incorrect labeling (eg. junior with 5+ years experience in anything)
    - anyone for abusing the fields (eg. writing a certain salary in the field and then writing a different range in the description.)

    If you are reported many times for the same offense you're blocked and you have to appeal. Reports are divided by the rate of successful appeals against your reports, such that if most of your reports are bogus your opinion is effectively weightless.
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    Facebook marketplace is useless becausw you can't report for incorrect prices or lies, only the usual facebook reasons.
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    I get linkedin messages every week for senior positions that expect me to relocate. I'm an undergrad.
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    @Floydimus in 2 I wrongfully erased a sentence. I meant to say that if there were an option to export resumes in the "department of energy" template or the "Nagano shipping corp" template, and the "Helsinki institute of arts" template, and so on and so on, it would be impossible to maintain a large global base of templates.
    I then noticed that this was not what you meant and erased the first part and forgot about the last one.
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    @RememberMe yes, I mentioned that in the post.

    @Oktokolo I over engineered it. Lol

    @lbfalvy good features. I'll take that in roadmap.

    @JsonBoa there would be no different templates. It would be similar LinkedIn where you fill in default structure. Just decide the sections.
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