Recruiter is contacting me out of the blue for a vague job position. Tells me he is very interested in my skillsets as they are apparently difficult to find.

I don't hate my current job but it has some problems. My interest is piqued.

I ask for more details and tell him what minimum benefits I would expect, given I won't quit my job for less. I tell him I have a very tight schedule at work and at home right now but I could fit in some time for a 1-2h interview.

He tells me I'll get more details in the next interview and tells me there will be a little coding test. Ok sure...

Dude proceeds to send me a test description by email. It consists in designing an actual small python project. Would take at least 1 full day of work (tests, doc and functionality included). I have 3 days to complete it.


Is this guy for real? In this market?

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    Code theft.
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    Appealing to your ego: you are rare.

    Setting you up for a scam.
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    Worst is this test is a web app that needs to be built for mobile platforms, I can probably make something but it's not part of my skillset.

    I am a FUCKING EMBEDDED DEV. Why the fuck no recruiters understand what the fuck is embedded software?
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    @PepeTheFrog Scam him back. Make it functional, but have it do weird unusable shit on a timer. Like a month from now.
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    @Demolishun I can make it run only on a STM32 MCU.
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    "Recruiter is contacting me out of the blue for a vague job position."

    Don't even bother replying. If it's vague it's probably because he's spamming everyone he can find so he doesn't have to do actual research. Stroking your ego is just part of the process, he probably hasn't even looked at your profile.

    If you want to find a new job, then take a look at the relevant boards, pick a few you want to apply for, then go for it. You'll almost always do better that way than replying to recruiter spam.
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    I wonder what they do with all the small programs
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    Just find some random project on GitHub & zip it 🤣
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    Internet 101: If someone is contacting you out of the blue they will 100% scam you. The more unsual the request the higher the likelyhood you'll get fucked
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    you are rare
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