Since my first high salary dev job in 2018 and until 2021, despite all my attempts to explain, my mom thought that I’m not actually a programmer but rather a scammer that just makes companies pay me salary for nothing. The argument that being a legit programmer is way easier than being a scammer mastermind fell on deaf ears.

Do you know why I said she thought so until 2021? Because I stopped talking to her in 2021 when she said that “being bisexual is a sin” and “I want to stop treating my cancer to die as soon as possible just to not see you anymore” after my coming out.

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    (reposted my own comment)
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    sorry you're having to go through this. Blood doesn't mean much really :s
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    Anyone who is toxic and abusive should be cut off regardless of relationship!
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    I lost half of my family to politics over the last five years. I say it in the same tone that I say that I've lost four kilos this year.
    Sometimes it is good to cut some toxic people lose. You did right.
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