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A thread of Rittenhouse facts
I learned watching trial

So many spread lies
I couldn’t keep my silence
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    Post them here? I'm trying to understand how he didn't get convicted for anything at all. I get the main charges being not guilty - but nothing at all?
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    @sariel if you believe his testimony, and I believe it was backed up by video recordings, it wasn't murder, it was self defense.

    However wtf is going on when someone can get a gun and play vigilante, that illegal act results in death, and he faces no conviction of anything. That is fucked up.
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    @Crost I've not followed much of it, but it kinda came down to "in America, it was kinda legal for him to be there with an assault rifle", once you get past that, he ran 2 blocks before shooting, so a claim of self defence is "plausible".

    I might be wrong on the above. I'm not a lawyer, I've not looked into it too much.

    I think it's insane that he was there with an assault rifle, had he been black he'd have probably been shot by police instead of given drinks. But the jury reached a conclusion based on testimony and evidence.
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    People finally realizing MSM doesn't tell the truth. What else they lying about? Are they simply a propaganda arm of some companies? Why did MSNBC follow the jury bus? Because they are dirty and the outcome of this trial is going to cost the MSM a lot of money. Even the president of the USA is liable for slander for the shit he spewed. Remember the kid in DC who got slandered and libeled by the media for wearing a Maga hat? The media was forced to pay him 250M. The rittenhouse trial is so much bigger than this. I predict we will see media companies go bankrupt, maybe even the AP itself. Lying pieces of shits. I wonder how many people think the 3 white dudes he shot were anything other than criminals themselves? They were fucking burning cities and attacking people. I hope the result of this wakes people the fuck up. None of how the media tried to spin this was true.
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    This is a reasonable summary of the case, and points out some of the flaws in the reporting (with less frothing at the mouth than @Demolishun)

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    I think one of the most striking things to come out of this was the testimony from the survivor that got shot, was that he only fired after one of the guys pointed a gun at him.

    The testimony of the guy he shot helped his defence.
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    @sariel *after* one of them pointed a gun at him.
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    @atheist after having his mom drivin him across state lines with an AR and going two blocks, he went looking and found it
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    @ScribeOfGoD ar wasn't driven across state lines. He travelled the night before for work.

    Maybe read the facts of the case?
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    @sariel look, I'm not saying whether he was right or wrong, IDGAF, but I do agree there were multiple failings, not least of which was that he was there legally, it shouldn't have been legal.
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    Facts are important.
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    Anyway, muting this coz cba to deal with people that just want to spout some line rather than listening to the testimony.
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    - He didn’t bring the gun across state lines. It was at his friends’ house in Kenosha
    - He didn’t hear there was a protest in another state and decide to go down; his father lives in Kenosha, he worked there, he considered it his community
    - He didn’t just show up to go to the protest, he’d spent the day working in Kenosha, and cleaning up graffiti in Kenosha at a local school with others
    - He had body armor, but lent it to his friend because he didn’t think he’d need it as he was going to be doing medical
    - He became separated from people he was with to guard businesses when he went to try to put out fires
    - Rosenbaum had threatened earlier that night that he was going to kill Rittenhouse if he got him alone
    - Rosenbaum chased Rittenhouse and was grabbing the weapon when shot
    - He was running to try to turn himself in when he was knocked to the ground and hit repeatedly in the head and neck with a skateboard by Huber; that’s when Rittenhouse killed Huber
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    Honestly I don't give a fuck about Rittenhouse, BLM and the rest of this "shit".

    The situation is extremely complex, I don't have enough element to judge and since I'm not involved in the trial is not even my job to do it, furthermore the world doesn't give a fuck about another opinion about the "news of the day" so why should I waste my time in elaborating sources and formulating a judgment which is very likely going to be biased?
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    you posted *facts* on *twitter* ?!

    Are you *trying* to get eaten alive?! You must be a real glutton for punishment to do that...

    I tried being active on twitter once... I'd rather be in literal hell than do that again, yeesh... It's like elementary school all over again. People racing to see who can say the dumbest shit the fastest
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    @Hazarth I know, right?
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    @Hazarth … I did make it so no one who isn’t tagged could comment aaaand didn’t tag anyone, though. 😅 You know, because I don’t have the time or patience for toxicity.
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    The most absurd part is still that the players in this story are a kid and several previously convicted criminals and in America these people are all allowed to carry a gun.
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    @sariel dude all I am saying is: If a group of rioters were running around in my city doing the same shit those rioters were doing, I would welcome people from other states to come lend a hand.

    Imagine being a supporter of the <whatever the fuck> movement and finding your business, your house, your streets being pummeled by a group of people.

    I guess I shouldn't be too concerned, I am in Texas, where everyone and their mums have weapons. But all I am saying is, in cases like that, I would be cool with people getting killed. And one of the dudes he shot ded was a pedophile that molested 5 boys.
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    People seem overly concerned with vigilantism, which yes it is indeed illegal. But I for one would shake hands with the dude that would take a hammer and beat the fuck of an alley rapist. I honestly don't see the problem.

    We got our independence by saying "fuck this" and taking arms up. If a group of rioters were starting shit outside my house trying to hurt it I would take a rifle and fire away. If anything, the kid wanted to scare people more than kill, that fact that he got his expert marksman badge is far from the point.

    Yes, I wish there was a scenario in which this wouldn't happen, but it didn't, those people rioting played a game of fuck around and find out, and fucking lost.
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    Facts of the case:

    • He has family in Kenosha, and works there.
    • The gun didn’t cross state lines.
    • He didn’t buy the gun, as he was underage at the time.
    • He open-carried, which is legal for long guns in that state.
    • He was in Kenosha to clean graffiti.
    • He also wanted to protect his friend’s business, and to help as a medic. Related: his career goal is nurse.
    • He fled or tried to flee every time he was attacked, save when threatened with a pistol.
    • He did not aim at anyone other than while threatened.
    • He only shot when he had no other choice.
    • He immediately tried to contact the police and tell them what happened.
    • He cooperated with the police.

    Other side:
    • The other three+ were the aggressors; they both initiated and escalated, and did not attempt to de-escalate.
    • One of them lay in wait and ambushed Kyle from behind a car, chased him, did not turn away as MSNPC says, and rushed him again. Kyle only shot him at point-blank range as this was his last option before grappling with someone twice his age and strength.
    • Another ran behind and kicked him in the head.
    • A third, unlawfully carrying a concealed pistol, attempted to shoot Kyle with said pistol, and said “I would have emptied my clip into that mf.” (slightly paraphrased)
    • A fourth was beating Kyle with a skateboard.

    Unrelated to the case:
    • The three people Kyle shot all have criminal records, including: pedophilia, assault and battery, domestic abuse, burglary, and for two of them: unlawful possession of a firearm.

    This is a cut and dry self-defense case. Kyle was there to defend businesses and help the injured. He was attacked, attempted to de-escalate whenever possible, only attacked when in imminent and lethal danger, and informed and cooperated with the police afterward. He acted in self-defense, and there is an incredible amount of video footage proving all of this. He did nothing wrong, morally or legally.
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    On a more personal note: I shed no tears for their passing.

    I am also very relieved to hear the verdict, as any other would mean further breakdown of the US legal system — Kyle really did nothing wrong according to the laws. Opinion and emotion have no place in a courtroom.

    I am also very confused as to why BLM sees racism in this: Kyle is white, and so are all of his attackers. Then again, this movement is driven by emotion, and primarily: politics.

    As for why the media lashed out so strongly: also politics. They encourage this separatism and violence, as it serves their ends; anyone resisting the violence, therefore, resists their efforts and must be brought to heel.
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    @sariel Why are you talking about the case if you don’t know anything that happened? Please, have an informed opinion, not an emotional one. Also, fact-check your sources while researching it. The trial itself is a great place to start.
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    to this day, many people still believe the attackers that Rittenhouse defended against were black.

    and that's the least important of all the lies.
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    Honestly, the reasoning that if you bring a weapon to an area you can no longer claim self defense because you brought a weapon was absurd. Like, okay, so you’re saying if you ever conceal carry for your own self-protection because you live in a state/city with a high murder rate, you can’t claim self-defense if someone attempts to murder you and you manage to get them first? Are we just supposed to let people murder us?

    If the verdict had been any different, it would set a terrible precedent as it was about as clear-cut an instance of self-defense as you can get.
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    @AmyShackles That is what they seem to want. The justice department seems to increasingly defend and release criminals and prosecute innocents.
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    @AmyShackles I think all women should know how to use and pack a gun in their purse. You can get holsters that are built into purses. Too many fucked up dudes out there.

    Also, we need to be rooting for Kristul Kizer now. She shot and killed her pedophile sex trafficker at the age of 17 to escape. She is going to be going on trial for murder. I think it has been like 2 years since this happened. Most people don't even know she exists. I didn't until today.
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    @Demolishun Kenosha AGAIN? What the fuck, Wisconsin? Did you see the thing that happened in Waukesha today?
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    @AmyShackles yeah, the Waukesha thing, i just learned about that.

    seems like a mostly peaceful street race time trial.
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    Yes, the guy was let out of jail 2 days prior. He had an extremist presence on youtube. Youtube took it down. This could be evidence tampering. Hiding that he is an extremist seems to be intentional. Google seems to be working with media to hide his identity. The media won't say his skin color. He is black I believe. From what I can tell he is a very unhinged guy. Supposedly he drove there to run over his ex-wife or something. My conspiracy mind tells me he was released because they knew he would "do something". The MSM is showing graphic videos everywhere. They want to spread fear. They are acting like terrorists.
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    Here is a great example of the MSM indoctrination I am talking about. Not directly related to this event, but it really covers how they continue to brainwash people:

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    Oh wow, JP nailed it with facts and stuff:


    He does a great job explaining how everything is interconnected.
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